Playlists are the mixtapes of our time. They can tell stories – which is something I always loved. For different reasons and on numerous occasions, i create, curate or host such storytelling Playlists. Here are the ones I run on a regular basis:

Dirty Dozen
A not so randomly picked dozen of songs, covering a topic or theme of the week to have some ooohs and aaahs by learning more about pop history and its countless stories.
History Of Pop /
Years In Pop
Once a month I take a deep dive into the archives of pop history and dig out 30 songs of a given year and create a #YearPlaylist. There are now more than 50 of those plus a „List of lists“ for everything I collected from the 1920s til today, too.
A List
A weekly updated list of the 50 most current, fresh and exciting releases by artists from Austria.