What I do


Listening to you and your stories, helping you finding a path towards your goals, to improve your career and enable you to take your next step(s) is one of my favourite things. Each story is different, each case is new; making sense of it and adding a tiny bit of what I’ve learned and experienced is always special.
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I create and curate formats and programmes for Music Business Education in Austria and abroad, most recently for Music Estonia, University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. I often also teach, lecture and mentor as a part of these programmes.
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20+ years of experience in the cultural-political minefield taught me quite a few things. They also meant I got to share my knowledge and contribute to projects that became more meaningful for a wider sector. I am proud to have played such roles in the creation of Austrian Music Export, the Austrian Music Charta and other stepping stones for the local music community. Other work includes the creation of a City Festival to help reviving the municipalities standing as a place of culture, or a reshaped strategy for a group of local promoters.
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I really enjoy looking beyond borders, particularly into other industries and businesses. While my main playing field is music and culture, i soon realized how valuable findings from my experience in this field can be for others, too. Music as such might be a simple, yet powerful tool. The industry behind it, though, is changing constantly and fast by definition, has therefore got to be driven by a constant flow of innovation, is competitive as hell and often far ahead in terms of offerings and solutions for (future) problems.

Since I like to stay curious and try doing so by joining discussions, giving keynotes or hosting debates and panels became a fun thing to do. This keeps being an inspiration for learning and networking in any direction. I had the honour of speaking at many events across the globe, including industry events like Eurosonic Noorderslag, Tallinn Music Week, Ment Ljubljana, BUSH, Canadian Music Week, WestWay Lab, c/o Pop or Waves.

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