I obviously talk a lot, so I found myself being invited to a number of different and highly interesting podcasts recently:

Marco Schreuder und Alkis Vlassakakis invited me to speak about the „backstage side“ of the music business in their music podcast circling around the Eurovision Song Contest (community), adequately named „Merci, Chérie“. It was a pleasure diving deep into my childhood memories of ESC and also talk about why singles and albums play different roles than they did two decades ago. Enjoy! [german / recorded in August 2021]

My festival-family-friend Paul Cheetham runs the amazing series „The SuperSwell Podcast“ and invited me over for a chat with him and another good friend, Guna Zucika (from EveryLittleThing Management in Riga). We spoke about Eurosonic Festivals first digital only version and how we (try to) cope with the current crisis in whats called „The Delicates Lounge“.
[english / recorded in January 2021] 

I was invited to speak in one of Austrias leading podcasts, „ganz offen gesagt“. Barbara Kaufmann and I had a conversation about the many difficulties the music industry is facing due to the effects of the pandemic of 2020 – in the present and the future.
[german / recorded in Fall 2020]

In one of Germanys leading Industry Podcasts Redfield, Host Alexander Schröder dug deep down into my music industry history and backgrounds – that was a very nice talk for about an hour there! [german / recorded in late 2020]

For the anniversary edition (#100!) of „Über Medien reden“, a podcast by VSUM.tv in Vienna, host Golli Marboe took our conversation on a more philosophical road that we joyfully took to talk about the meaning of music, culture and media in todays society. [german / recorded in late 2020]

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