Speaker & moderator

I occasionally enjoy looking beyond borders, particularly into other industries and businesses. While my main playing field is music and culture, i soon realized how valuable findings from my experience in this field can be for others, too. Music as such might be a simple, yet powerful tool. The industry behind it, though, is changing constantly and fast by definition, has therefore got to be driven by a constant flow of innovation, is competitive as hell and often far ahead in terms of offerings and solutions for (future) problems.

Since I like to stay curious and try doing so by joining discussions, giving keynotes or hosting debates and panels became a fun thing to do. This keeps being an inspiration for learning and networking in any direction. I had the honour of speaking at many events across the globe, including industry events like Eurosonic Noorderslag, Tallinn Music Week, Ment Ljubljana, BUSH, Canadian Music Week, WestWay Lab, c/o Pop or Waves.

For questions / requests please just get in touch.