Dirty Dozen

In a new playlist series I do, called DIRTY DOZEN, i pick 12 Songs at a time that follow a pattern for each edition. These will mostly be deep dives into musical archives and history – you know the things that drove and drive our excitement about all this thing we‘re now calling work. It‘ll be about songs, about ooohs, aaahs and hahs. Come on, join the Joyride! Come back here to read about the Dozens current theme and its backstories. And follow the playlist!

Bisherige Ausgaben:
Dozen #12 – Best Song-Oscars
Dozen #11 – Drum Breaks
Dozen #10 – Nile Rodgers
Dozen #9 – Der österreichische Schmäh
Dozen #8 – Lost Popfest
Dozen #7 – Second Life
Dozen #6 – Geburtstagstorten
Dozen #5 – Funk aus dem Fernsehen.
Dozen #4 – Die Hitfabrik von Stock/Aitken/Waterman
Dozen #3 – Italien und der Song Contest
Dozen #2 – Original Covers
Dirty Dozen #1