Years in Pop

Every once in a while I dive deep down into music history and curate a #YearPlaylist for Ink Music’s Spotify profile. And it’s actually big fun. Here you can find a list of the years I’ve been covering so far. Every picture links to the respective year, and there’s a „List of lists“ for everything I collected from 1958 til today, too. You should follow it!

[History Of Pop: The list of lists]
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polaroid_spotify_yearlist-2013 2008 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-2007 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-2003 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-2001 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1999 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1996 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1994   polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1991  polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1987 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1985 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1983 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1982 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1979 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1977.jpg polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1976 1974  polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1970 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1969 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1967 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1965 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1963 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1962 polaroid_spotify_yearlist-1958