Why I do it

If you take a look at any music industry statistic covering the first decade of the 21st century, you probably realize: Starting a music company in 2001 maybe was not the best idea. Well for one: who knew back then!? And for the other: I was stupid enough doing it anyway.

But, see, Ink Music is still around after all these years. And I’m both happy and proud to say it played quite a nice role in the whole history and the positive development the Austrian music scene got through since then. And of course there would be a million crazy stories to tell about these twenty years.

I learned to be a booking agent, a publicist, a publisher, a promoter, a project manager, a music supervisor, a sync agent and what not… I had to constantly reinvent myself – and the business – mostly by learning all the important things from scratch by the ever-practical trial and error principle. The annoying thing though was that even most of the artists didn’t know much about copyrights, or how, where and why the money flows in the industry. And even though there always was some magic in those artists‘ naivety, I started to „fight“ it very early by passing on what I had just learned, sharing knowledge and creating networks to help each other out.

I’m still hungry to keep learning and keeping up in a business and an industry that went topsy-turvy several times in those years and is changing every day. It turns out one of the best and most exciting ways to do so, for me, is what I do. Welcome to my world.

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